Gawler Ranges

EL 4776 & 5232; 5647, 5708,5709,5710,5743 Minotaur 100%, Area 4,959km2

Minotaur's tenements in the Gawler Ranges of South Australia were included in the South Australian governments Mineral Systems Drilling Prospect 2015 (MSDP).

The MSDP is a ‘world first’ collaboration between a government geosciences group (DSD’s Geological Survey of South Australia), a drilling company (Boart Longyear), a Cooperative Research Centre (the Deep Exploration Technologies CRC) and explorers (Kingston Resources and Minotaur). 

The MSDP has multiple aims, including testing a range of new teachnologies in a real-time exploration environment and mapping, and interpreting signatures of mineralising systems using a 'lap at rig' geochemical analysis platform.