Poochera Kaolin Project

EL 4575; Minotaur 100%

On 25 June 2018 Andromeda Metals Ltd (ASX: ADN, ‘Andromeda’) and Minotaur Exploration entered into a formal joint venture agreement (JV) over Minotaur’s Poochera tenements. The JV requires Andromeda to expend minimum A$400,000 by mid January 2019, before it may withdraw from the JV. Should Andromeda then elect to continue it must expend A$3 million within 3 years (effectively by the close of the 2021 financial year) in return for which it will earn 51% beneficial interest in the tenements, after which it may increase its interest by an additional 24% through the further expenditure of A$3 million over the following 2 years (for a total investment of A$6 million over 5 years for 75% interest). Andromeda is the designated Manager and Operator of the JV while it is sole funding work programmes.

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Poochera is a kaolin district of global significance. It contains many kaolin deposits with unique characteristics, including the deposit of "bright white" kaolin at Carey's Well, some 45km east of Streaky Bay on western Eyre Peninsula in South Australia

Proppant formulation test work conducted in the first quarter of 2015 using Poochera kaolin returned very encouraging results, with several formulations of high-halloysite material matching the benchmark properties of commercial HSLW (high-strength light-weight) proppants (Figure 1). Additional samples of high-halloysite kaolin were prepared for further proppant testwork, as well as for trials and characterisation testwork by other potential offtake partners in the strengthening filler and ceramic markets.





Figure 1: Proppant formulation 8602: Fired proppants (left), Crush residue (centre) and Scanning Electron Microscope image (right)

Figure 2: Operators in the wet section of the Streaky Bay pilot plant