Prominent Hill

EL 5019, 5210, 5263, 5554, 5573; OZ Minerals 100% (Minotaur testing selected targets in collaboration with OZ Minerals), Area 3,532km2

Minotaur and OZ Minerals are collaborating in exploration around the Prominent Hill mine, through an exploration alliance.

Minotaur’s target generation model uses ground EM to source iron sulphide copper-gold (ISCG) conductors; potential hosts for copper mineralisation. A diamond drill hole into the Bellatrix EM anomaly intersected hybrid ISCG-IOCG styles of mineralisation and zones of strong graphite. ISCG style mineralisation occurs in pyrrhotite matrix breccia and as late pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite veins synchronous with brittle faults (proof-of-concept that ISCG style of mineralisation occurs in the project area). IOCG style mineralisation occurs as magnetite-pyritte with minor chalcopyirte in a skarn-like assemblage.

The work confirms Minotaur’s hypothesis that ISCG style mineralisation exists within the Mt Woods region. Its is evident as pyrrhotite-chalcopyrite vein sets synchronous with late stage, brittle faults and can be successfully detected through cover using appropriate geophysical techniques.  A ground EM survey along sections of the Skylark Shear Zone will be carried out in Q3 of 2017.

Figure 1:  Regional airborne magnetic image (TMI RTP) with Skylark Shear Zone superimposed and new EM survey areas outlined